UKLPG unveils new document which highlights benefits of LPG

UKLPG has unveiled its new pathways document – which it will use to highlight the role of LPG as part of the UK’s diverse future energy mix.

‘Gas for off-grid Britain’ was unveiled at the trade body’s national conference which was held in Birmingham on 25 May.

It sets out the role that LPG plays in garden and home appliances for hot water, cooking and refrigeration, its role in driving low carbon transport, and its increasing use in businesses as diverse as hotels and spas, dairies, food and drink manufacturers and industrial processing.

Commenting on the launch of the new pathways document, Rob Shuttleworth, chief executive of the LPG industry trade association UKLPG, said: “LPG is the lowest carbon conventional fuel available now that can provide an immediate, expedient and cost effective solution to the heat and energy needs of off gas grid Britain and the annual conference is the perfect opportunity to launch our pathways document and debate the industry’s exciting vision for the future.

“LPG gives everyone in rural areas that are off the gas grid the opportunity to benefit from the energy efficiency benefits of the latest gas-powered systems and technologies whether they are a homeowner or a business. The conference is a chance for everyone in the industry to get updates on the latest technology applications and discuss the exciting role that LPG can play in meeting the UK’s future heat and energy needs.

“It is important that whoever is elected to Government recognises that LPG remains the lowest carbon, most efficient and effective conventional fuel for off-grid customers and that is the message that we will be taking out in 2017. Electricity alone cannot meet the heat needs of the rural community and as an industry we are pioneering new technologies and looking at bio-propane as part of a portfolio of long-term low carbon LPG solutions that will support communities off the gas grid for many years to come.”


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