UK delivery issues – the heat is still on suppliers

Whilst LPG bulk and bottle suppliers throughout most of the UK continue work to recover from the “perfect storm” combination of gas shortages and adverse conditions following the tail end of this Winter’s weather the deluge of customer complaints, particularly on social media, has continued unabated.

It may be the start of spring in the UK but recent snowfalls and the accompanying cold snap throughout many parts of the UK during March naturally enough caused a spike in the use of LPG for heating. That combination of cold weather and heavy snow piling in on top of the gas shortages that suppliers have been battling to overcome since the end of last year have meant more customers’ supplies running low or completely out and many of them have taken to social media to register their views on what they perceive as poor service from the industry.

A report in the Daily Mail has suggested that more than 6,000 households were thought to have run out of gas during recent weeks of what was termed an LPG crisis. Suppliers warned of possible rationing as they battled against blizzards and snow drifts to get to their customers and replenish often already depleted stocks.

Delivery backlogs have been building up and became more noticeable for many at the beginning of this year as a direct result of disruption to supply from the two UK refineries at Fawley and Stanlow. Here the Government has also stepped in and approved emergency legislation, temporarily extending drivers hours to support increased collections from the major refineries.

UKLPG confirmed at the end of March that its supply company members were operating extended delivery times too in order to deliver LPG to customers and increasing staff levels to improve the situation.

Explanations and apologies have been flowing from suppliers but nothing has been sufficient to stem the outpouring of comment, criticism and anger. Check out Facebook, Trustpilot and Twitter.