RMS Gas Engineering Representing Kosan Crisplant in UK

RMS Gas Engineering Ltd now represents Kosan Crisplant in the UK and will handle the sale of Kosan Crisplant’s new FILL1 machine.

Peter Roberts at RMS said: “The much anticipated filling machine for smaller filling operations has had all its approvals issued and is now going on sale. The much publicised unit has generated a lot of interest and installations in the UK have commenced.

“Based on the tried and tested electronics of Kosan filling machines, the design has literally been turned on its head. Instead of a filling platform, the entire unit hangs on chains and lifts the lp gas bottles off the ground pneumatically.

“The assembly comes complete with all the pneumatics and electrics preassembled and tested. The support structure for the unit to hang on and lpg bottle is a separate item to the assembly, as are supports stands where different sized lpg gas bottles are being filled. These can be supplied or the customer can fabricate his own.

“After connecting to the lp gas, air and electric supply, the unit is ready to run. Units are available with propane or butane pneumatic fill guns.”

Contact RMS Gas Engineering Ltd on 01792 224000 www.rmsgaseng.com

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