New row over Ghana LPG safety

Protestors have called for new rules governing LPG in Ghana – after an explosion killed seven an injured 132.

OccupyGhana claimed there had been eight explosions with the last three years and called for a temporary closure of LPG service statons.

However, the LPG Marketing Companies Association of Ghana, has hit back at claims that the refill points across the country pose a threat to safety.

In a statement, OccupyGhana said:  “The fact that several of these LPG dispensing stations are sited in close proximity to markets, chop-bars, shops, lorry stations, and residential areas causing residents to complain, means we have a major problem with adherence to our zoning laws. It also means that we should have the strictest of safety standards, and regulate the siting or existence of these dispensing stations, and most importantly, the discharge of gas from tankers into the site storage tanks.

“It is critical that the industry players adhere to strict safety rules, comply with standard operating procedures, and have both a perfect maintenance culture and adequately trained staff. There must be periodic, routine and unannounced stress testing and drills including evacuation procedures. Clearly, this training must go beyond the staff to others living or operating in close proximity to these dispensing stations.”

However, in an interview with Citi News, the Public Relations Officer of the Association, Kwame Owiredu, dismissed these assertions, stating that their outlets across the country had put safety measures in place to ensure such incidents do not occur.

He attributed Saturday’s incident to a failure by the attendants at the gas station to use the electric discharge pumps .

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