New Lp Gas Cylinder Retrieval Scheme Launched

UKLPG and the British Compressed Gases Association (BCGA) have launched a telephone service for the collection of empty cylinders from civic amenity sites.

Cylinders remain the property of the gas supplier but more than 150,000 end up in the waste stream, where they can cause issues for civic amenity site operators due to their potentially hazardous contents. The new scheme, launched in July 2013, means that civic amenity sites can call three telephone numbers to have all UKLPG and BCGA member companies’ reusable cylinders collected free of charge – 01179 413721 for Calor Gas cylinders, 0800 111333 for BOC cylinders and 08450 177049 for all other cylinders.

Rob Shuttleworth, UKLPG chief executive, said: “This proposal provides a solution to what has proved to be a difficult problem for the industry and civic amenity sites. All UKLPG member companies support this initiative and, whilst it leaves them free to decide the best collection arrangement, it simplifies notification for the civic amenity site operators and increases the likelihood of a swift return of valuable assets. At the same time, it demonstrates to authorities, both local and national, that the issue of gas cylinders that end up in the waste stream is taken seriously. In due course, it is proposed to formulate the collection timescale and ease of notification into a UKLPG Code of Conduct.”

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