LPG mooted in Malta car replacement scheme

A total of €1.8 million has been allocated by the government of Malta to cover various schemes aimed at incentivising drivers to opt for less polluting cars, including LPG.

Schemes relating to electric vehicles are covered by a €500,000 government funding allocation.

Applicants for the scheme are required to scrap their vehicle and could receive up to €7,000 should they replace with an electric vehicle.

Commercial vehicle companies can be given up to €200,000 should they scrap their fleet and convert to electric vehicles. In 2017, 73 people registered for this scheme while government hopes that uptake will increase through a campaign to spread information on what is available.

A total of €50,000 has been allocated for those interested in changing their vehicle’s fuel intake into less polluting options such as autogas or LPG. Drivers could benefit up to €200 per car.

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