LPG, environmental sustainability and art

Villa Carlotta, the most popular historic villa and museum on Lake Como, Italy, has chosen Cavagna Group’s Greengear outdoor equipment for the care of its gardens, measuring more than 70,000 square meters of gardens and is among the most beautiful in Europe.

The agreement between Villa Carlotta’s management team and the Cavagna Group was officially signed in September during an event organized to honor the partnership.

The ceremony was attended by representatives from cultural and environmental institutions, as well as managers who were interested in Greengear LPG-powered products for lawn care. Who were interested in LPG as an environmentally friendly fuel alternative.

The decision to adopt Greengear equipment for the care of the Villa Carlotta gardens  marries well with their commitment as a world-class historic site. In fact, the Villa and its artistic treasures, including many famous masterpieces by the sculptor Antonio Canova, are located within a green area of great environmental value, and the extremely well-kept gardens are an integral part of any visit.

Davide Cavagna, CEO of Cavagna Group, said: “It is truly an honour to link the Greengear brand name with that of Villa Carlotta. It is the most significant way to support the launch of these innovative outdoor products on the international market.”

Thanks to Greengear LPG-powered products, Villa Carlotta is carrying out a further initiative in favor of environmental sustainability. The villa has decided to adopt Cavagna’s LPG technology in order to transform the heating system of the museum and the greenhouses, which will use LPG fuel from now on.

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