Installers Identify Lpg for Growth

A recent survey by Flogas at InstallerLive has revealed that growing numbers of gas installers are identifying the off-grid market as a key area for future business growth. Three quarters of lpg registered installers surveyed confirmed that they were aware that the off-mains market presented opportunities for business growth, whilst 71 per cent nominated lp gas as their fuel of choice for off-grid homes.

The research highlighted engineers’ increasing interest in the off-grid sector, with 81 per cent of installers questioned already lpg qualified, of which 82 per cent wanting more training in the area, and 69 per cent of those not currently certified for lp gas interested in securing their qualifications. Over half of the installers questioned had seen a rise in enquiries from consumers about lpg gas in the last 12 months.

Lee Gannon, sales & marketing director at Flogas, said: “Traditionally, the non-mains fuel industry has tended to be a self-sufficient one. Lpg, coal and oil suppliers have all opted to manage each aspect of their own supply chain, meaning there has been little need for any contribution from installers on a large scale.

“However, with energy efficiency ever present at the top of the news agenda, more and more homeowners – both on and off the mains gas network – are becoming increasingly eco-savvy and cost conscious. As a result, non-mains homeowners have been carefully reviewing their heating needs which, in turn, has broadened the role of the energy installer.

“Confusion over the many different energy sources available to them is leading homeowners to turn to installers for guidance as to which fuel will meet their needs, which is generating business growth for fuel installers themselves. For example, at Flogas, we have launched our Cash Flo rewards scheme, which sees installers financially rewarded for supplying domestic and commercial bulk leads.”

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