Indian LPG delivery strike comes to an end

An indefinite strike of the Southern Region Bulk LPG Transport Owners Association has come to an end.

The strike was launched on February 12 to press the demands, including the continuation of the existing regional-wise tender process for fixing hire charges for the LPG tankers, and fixing the same hire charges for the 21-tonne and 18-tonne capacity tankers.

They also demanded that the oil majors withdraw their announcement of allowing people who at present did not possess tankers, but assure to procure them within 120 days, to participate in the tender process.

The oil companies are yet to take a final decision on fixing equal charges for the 21-tonne capacity and 18-tonne capacity tankers.

However, as far as the demand of withdrawing the announcement of allowing any number of people with no tankers to participate in the tender process, the oil concerns accepted to peg the same at 10 per cent.

The strike of the Southern Region Bulk LPG Transport Operators Association did not evoke much support from the other regional associations

Following the withdrawal of strike, about 4,200 LPG tankers which were off the road in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telengana and also in the Union Territory of Puducherry for the past five days commenced operations on Saturday.

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