IGT Launches Intelligent Lp Gas Regulators

Lp gas control equipment supplier Integrated Gas Technologies (IGT) has launched a new range of low-pressure and high-pressure regulators for 2012. Low-pressure models for applications, such as cookers, cabinet heaters, barbecues and caravans, are available in 20mm, 21mm and 27mm compact regulators. A range of clip on high-pressure adaptors is also available in sizes 20mm, 21mm and 27mm.

Paul Selini, IGT distributor for the UK and Ireland, said: “The new models have been designed to meet the latest standards and in many cases exceed the safety requirements with additional inbuilt safety features. We have called these models Intelligent.

“One of the new features is the inclusion of a liquid level indicator and leak test function, and this design can be included in most of the standard regulators. The new Intelligent products provide a new level of safety and convenience for use in the home.”

Integrated Gas Technologies, which was founded in 2004, was acquired by RegO products last September and company owners Tom Lundquist and Peter Jacobsen have continued their respective management roles. The company operates from various global sites, including its headquarters in Denmark, a manufacturing division in China, subsidiary operations in Luxemburg, the UK and the USA, and agents in other countries.

IGT is also offering an lpg cylinder travel kit aimed at caravan owners touring Europe. The set contains instructions on which lp gas regulator models are applicable in which countries.

Paul said: “This will eliminate the need for emergency supplies and constantly having to purchase and change to local regulators, bringing peace of mind to the traveller. All IGT products come with a five-year warranty and we offer full technical and servicing support.”

Contact Integrated Gas Technologies on 01827 261202 www.igt-lpg.com

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