GasSecure Achieves world first with SIL Certification in wireless gas detection

GasSecure, the Norwegian wireless gas detector company recently acquired by Dräger, have successfully concluded one of their most exciting developments by securing third party Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 2 certification for the GS01 wireless gas detector – with available configuration for propane.

After months of detailed assessments the GasSecure GS01 wireless hydrocarbon gas detector was recently certified by third party assessor Exida as SIL 2 capable for use in Safety Instrumented Systems per IEC 61508 : 2010 Parts 1-7. Going further the assessment also supports the use of PROFIsafe communications to allow a fully certified SIL 2 loop to a control system which is a world first for a wireless gas detector.

Achieving SIL 2 means that the GasSecure GS01 is now proven as suitable for use in safety system executive actions such as shutdowns. This opens up a whole new group of applications in process safety systems where users need the certainty that the device will meet their requirements in a Safety Integrated Function.

Knut Sandven, GasSecure CEO, said: “We have many clients that have been waiting for this certification as it allows them to use the GS01 in their critical safety applications.

“After years of developing the world’s first truly wireless gas detector, and successfully bringing it to market, proving SIL 2 capability is recognition of the experience, knowledge and determination of the whole team.”

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