Gas Safety Trust Changes Direction

Gas Safety Trust, established in 2005 to improve fuel safety, has announced plans for a change in direction.

Gas Safety Trust board chair Chris Bielby said: “The purpose of the charity will remain the same, as the trust remains utterly committed to helping improve fuel safety and reducing the number of incidents involving carbon monoxide exposure. In the past, we have been involved in a wide variety of projects, from consumer awareness campaigns to providing carbon monoxide detectors to vulnerable groups in the community. However, the Gas Safety Trust has agreed that the main focus of its activities will now be on funding research and projects that will provide evidence to help improve and promote fuel safety.”

Gas Safety Trust says it wishes to become a source of evidence-based fact on fuel safety that can be used to inform safety initiatives in order to make the best use of its expertise. The trust now focuses on all fuels, including oil and solid fuel, rather than solely on gas.

Chris said: “The most recent DIDR report published by the trust included an assessment of domestic solid fuel and oil heating incidents as reported by HETAS and OFTEC, which offered a broader picture of carbon monoxide safety issues. Having the bigger picture allows us to identify carbon monoxide safety concerns in all fuel areas.”

In addition to identifying areas of concern, funding research and providing evidence, the Gas Safety Trust will continue to focus on lobbying stakeholders, including government and regulatory bodies, to influence legislation.

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