Flogas Secures PROLIMIX Biomethane Mixer for UK

Flogas has secured exclusive UK distribution rights for a new biomethane technology in the UK. PROLIMIX injects lpg into a biomethane pipe to be evaporated by the intake of warmth from the biomethane and is intended for commercial and industrial customers considering injecting biomethane back into the energy grid.

No evaporator is required because the conditioning process takes place within the liquid injection phase, and lp gas pressure is regulated, meaning trace heating and insulation of the gas phase are not necessary.

The PROLIMIX system comprises nozzle heads that allow the lpg gas to be delivered as an aerosol and then vaporised by the warmth of the biogas. A static mixer ensures the two gases are sufficiently combined.

James Rudman, business development director at Flogas, said: “Flogas is delighted to exclusively offer this sophisticated equipment to the UK market. With extensive installation experience, we were uniquely placed to meet a wide range of requirements and bring this innovative technology to our customers.”

Contact Flogas on 0116 264 9089 www.flogas.co.uk

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