Women in LPG Global Network

WINLPG: a new global network for the World LPG Association

There is an opportunity for the global lpg industry to take medium and long term actions that can address the issue of attracting, retaining and developing women in the industry. As the authoritative global voice for lpg, the WLPGA is uniquely positioned to develop and implement these actions.


According to Energia, a NGO focusing on women’s issues in the energy industry, most lpg consumers are women. Many women make and manage the purchasing decision and it is largely women who are using the product. However, within the industry itself there are few women, not only at executive level, but at all levels. This phenomenon is shared in many sectors of the energy industry and indeed in other areas of business.

Having more women in management positions improves a company’s financial performance and can boost company returns. Evidence shows that companies with women on their boards out-perform their rivals with a 42% higher return on sales by enhancing company decision making through use of all available perspectives, ideas and skills*; reflecting the gender diversity of customers and employees is beneficial to the industry.  The industry also suffers from a negativeperception of being old fashioned and uninteresting, indeed a recent graduate survey showed that the oil and gas industry as a whole is one of the most unpopular career paths**.
The network’s mission is to support and help empower women in the worldwide lpg Industry by leadership, coaching, mentoring and promoting role models to enable a change in organisational attitude to become more inclusive and authentic for all genders. This will be carried out at all operational levels by promoting the sound belief that women have a unique set of qualifications and abilities that can contribute to any business.
There are also a host of established network groups in other, similar industries.  For example the Global Women in Nuclear Association, Women in Mining and Women in Solar. Meetings with these bodies has proven fruitful, allowing for the sharing of best practices to enable a speedy and efficient set up of WINLPG.


The three key objectives for the network will be to support and retain women already in the industry, to promote role models and case studies via media and at industry events and, in the long term, to educate and attract women to the industry.

The network set-up will mirror existing WLPGA networks and in the immediate term will meet three times a year with a flagship meeting to be held at the time of the World LPG Forum.  Regional workshops will be scheduled to tie in with other industry events.
WINLPG will be chaired by Nikki Brown, Managing Director of Cavagna UK, and will be coordinated from WLPGA by Alison Abbott.
The inaugural meeting will take place at the time of the World LPG Forum in Singapore on Tuesday 29 September, 15:00-17:00, followed by a networking cocktail. If you’re planning to attend the Forum in Singapore and are interesting in coming to the network meeting please contact Alison Abbott for more details at aabbott@wlpga.org
WLPGA is looking forward to developing this new network and working towards changing the face of the industry.
Alison Abbott, Communications Director at WLPGA, said: “The issue is that gender balance is not optimised in the LPG industry and WLPGA is in a unique position to start to make a change, this change to be driven by a network that will recommend actions and activities as part of the WLPGA strategic planning process.”
Visit www.wlpga.org for more details.

Sources:  * www.gov.uk study entitled ‘Women on Boards’

** PWC 2011 survey of 4,364 graduates from over 75 countries

31st July 2015

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