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Alison Abbott, communications director at the World LPG Association (WLPGA), was asked to set up and manage the Women in LPG Global Network (WINLPG) in September 2015. The network’s mission is to support and help empower women in the worldwide LPG industry by leadership, coaching, mentoring and promoting role models.

WINLPG aims to bring women, and men, together across all business sectors, ages and levels to discuss and support the development of diversity within the LPG industry and is chaired by Nikki Brown, managing director of Cavagna UK.

Alison said: “WLPGA identified that there was a clear opportunity for the global LPG industry to take medium and long term actions that can address the issue of attracting, retaining and developing women in the LPG industry. As the authoritative voice for the global LPG industry, we feel WLPGA is uniquely positioned to develop and implement these actions.

“According to Energia, an NGO focusing on women’s issues in the energy industry, most LPG consumers are women. Many women make and manage the purchasing decision and it is largely women who are using the product. However, within the industry itself, there are few women, not only at executive level, but at all levels”

WINLPG has three objectives – to support and retain women already in the industry, to promote role models and case studies via media and at industry events and, in the longer term, to work with universities to educate and attract women to the industry.

WINLPG aims to increase the number of women in the LPG industry’s middle management to 40% and at board level by 30% by 2030.

Alison said: “As the network is still in relative infancy, the priority for this first year has been to raise awareness of the network and encourage members to become engaged. We will hold three network meetings each year and the next meeting will take place in Florence, Italy, on November 15 2016 during the World LPG Forum.

“We held a very successful Knowledge Exchange Workshop in Bogota, Colombia, during the Latin American LPG Association’s annual conference. WINLPG has also launched a national chapter in South Africa and will launch a second national chapter in Nigeria in December 2016.

“One item we are constantly asked for is role models, examples of successful women in our industry. We have begun interviewing role models and the first six interviews are on the WLPGA website in the WINLPG section.

“WINLPG has gained an enormous amount of momentum, with overwhelming support from the industry. Our goal now is to maintain and increase this momentum. In the medium term, we want to consolidate the membership and the exchange platform to actually get the network networking.”

WINLPG welcomes anyone involved in the LPG industry, both men and women. Anyone interested in joining should contact Alison Abbott  at

28th October 2016

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