Vesconite supplying brushings for Mevaco lpg pumps

South African based self lubricated polymer bearings and bushes manufacturer Vesconite Bearings has supplied piston rod bushings for use as a bush and wiper in lpg pumps in polystyrene factories in South Africa to clean the shaft and keep contaminants out of the pump.
The bushings are used in Mevaco pumps, which supply lpg from bulk butane vessels to the machines that manufacture polystyrene. Butane is one of the blowing agents used to make beads of polystyrene expand to produce the foam that is eventually formed into polystyrene to make items, such as drinking cups, picnic coolers and flotation devices.
Gerrie Meyer of Mevaco Pty said: “Because of priming difficulties when pumping a liquid above its boiling point, and the fact that the liquid is a perfect solvent for most lubricants, lpg pumps are often run absolutely dry. During use, especially when disconnecting hoses, liquid boils off in the pump and the freezing effect causes moisture to condense. This factor, together with severe temperature changes, demands large clearances for components.”
Vesconite piston rod bushings and composite piston discs are also used in Mevaco’s portable lpg pumps, which are primarily used for small volume lpg cylinder filling and lp gas transfer at remote, low volume or mobile sites.
The lpg filling pump has gone through rigorous testing by Gas Piping Services (GPS), a distributor of the lp gas pump.
GPS director AJ de Wet said: “We intend to sell the portable pump, together with a gas unit, scales and bottles, through GPS into the growing small, medium and micro enterprise lpg market.”
A successful implementation of the initiative would allow rural South African communities to easily access lpg for cooking and home heating, as well as commercial food production, agriculture and the production of ceramics, glass and metal work.

12th July 2016

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