Propane Celebrates 100 Years

By Lisa Thomson, policy & communications manager, UKLPG

On May 17 1912, a liquefied petroleum gas called propane began lighting lamps and cooking meals for John Gahring, the owner of a humble farmhouse in Waterford, Pennsylvania, USA. Out of this single event came an energy industry that, for the past century, has radically increased the standards of living for people worldwide.

Considered to be an impractical fuel when it was discovered, propane is now used by millions of people each day in virtually every aspect of modern life. The history of how propane has grown to become an energy source so ingrained in our day to day lives can be found in the individual stories of the countless men, women and companies that have moulded the industry for the past century.

Today, the UK lpg industry continues in this strong tradition, only now the challenge is not being viewed as an impractical fuel, but as a fossil fuel in an increasing environmentally conscious world. This year, UKLPG will mark the 65th anniversary of the industry coming together as the LP Gas Association and ALGED, the grandfathers of UKLPG, which is as concerned now with raising the profile of the industry, streamlining processes and working to ensure that the industry is positioned to take its place as a fuel of the future as they were then.

This year, the US propane industry celebrates its centennial anniversary. Richard Roldan, president and CEO of the National Propane Gas Association, will attend UKLPG’s fifth annual conference as keynote speaker to give his perspective on the US market, and he will undoubtedly address our exceptional fuel’s place both in history and the future.

30th March 2012

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