Online advertising vs. print advertising – which is best for your LPG business?

Can’t decide whether digital or print advertising is better for your LPG business?

As the popularity of print media continues to decline, online advertising in contract has reached its peak with many marketers, business owners and companies abandoning print advertising all together and going down the digital marketing route. Why? There are many reasons why online advertising is more effective than print, so we’ve created an infographic to show just a few reasons why more and more companies are going digital.

LPG Advertising infographic

When it comes to marketing budgets, companies are going to go down the most cost effective and measurable route. The average company will spend a huge £4K on print advertising per year, whether it be with a series of adverts or a few here and there. But once your advert is published there’s no realistic way for you to track its performance or know if it’s getting in front of the right people, so how do you know if it’s worth your time and money?

Not only is online advertising cheaper than print overall, it’s also completely measurable and easy to monitor. You can easily find out how many people are engaging with your advert by checking ‘referral traffic’ in your website analytics, which will tell you how many times your ad has been clicked.   You can even find out where they are in the world, so you can work out exactly what is working and who you should be targeting. And if you find your current advert isn’t quite working or getting the clicks you were hoping for, it can be easily changed. Unlike print, where it’s out there forever!

Your online advert can also be clickable through to your website or any page within your website, meaning the lead close rates are much higher at 14.60% compared to the small 1.70% that print offers – which means more business for you!

We can see evidence of the rise of digital media and the decline of traditional media especially within the news industry. People would rather go online, for free, than subscribe to a magazine or newspaper – and with people becoming more and more eco-friendly each day, why waste all that paper when you could read it online?

So what does this mean for the advertising world? If people are leaving print media for online and social media, it must make more sense to move your advertising budgets to the web! And if you want measurable results from your marketing budget, you really should be investing online.

18th January 2018

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