Lpg Smart Cooker to showcase at Africa LPG Summit 2016

Tri-Continental UK Ltd will showcase its lpg fuelled Smart Cooker at the Africa LPG Summit 2016 on 18-19 July in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

In 2012, Tri-Continental developed a highly efficient lpg cooker that attained record breaking standards in energy and water efficiency, cooking time, convenience and low environmental degradation. The Smart Cooker achieves these efficiencies using an innovative steam fusion method in which moisture is drawn from the food being cooked to create steam, allowing faster cooking and infusing seasonings into the food, which greatly enhances taste.

The Smart Cooker requires a tenth of the cost of charcoal, wood or kerosene to cook the same meal. The Tri-Continental team estimates that a four person meal of chicken and vegetables can be cooked in under 15 minutes using a tiny amount of lp gas and no water. The Smart Cooker, which has a UK patent, uses a microcomputer that stores recipes and controls the cooking process. This appliance won the British International Invention of the Year Award Double Gold.

The Smart Cooker was initially developed for the European market to offer efficient cooking. However, in 2013, when the company first heard of the objective of the Global Alliance for Clean Cook Stoves to foster the adoption of clean cooking stoves and fuels in 100 million households by 2020, and of the Global LPG Partnership to transition up to 70 million people to lpg for cooking, the company decided to also focus on Africa for its Smart Cooker rollout.


14th July 2016

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