Brazilian LPG retailer implements SAP SDM

Brazilian lpg retailer Supergasbras, a subsidiary of SHV Energy, has migrated its logistics IT from obsolete insular solutions to a modern SAP landscape with automated processes throughout the country. With SAP secondary distribution management, the downstream company has optimised its logistics processes and now receives precise forecasts on future consumption.

Supergasbras sells 1.5 million tonnes of lpg per year, making it one of the leaders on its home market in Brazil. The company delivers lp gas cylinders of various sizes to over ten million households in the country and fills the stationary vessels of over 40,000 commercial and industrial customers. Supergasbras uses its own fleet of 680 gas trucks for deliveries to the tanks and dealers, while distributors deliver to households using more than 2,500 vehicles.

The company’s business volume has doubled in size since Supergasbras introduced its first ERP solution in the late 1990s, not least thanks to the takeover of its competitor Minasgas and the establishment of a central logistics department. This pushed the software components of the time, connected via interfaces, to their limits. By the end, they covered just 50 per cent of the processes, with the other half being conducted manually or only semi-automatically.

Marcus Falcão, CIO at Supergasbras, said: “We decided to look for a new, homogeneous solution in order to create a stable foundation for future developments. Among other features, the solution needed to offer comprehensive analysis tools, full process automation and the option of mobile use. The technology also needed to be accessible via the cloud.”

It took just a few months for all 67 Supergasbras sites to go live with the new system. Because of the company’s enormous size, the rollout was conducted in several waves.

Marcus said: “Another reason for the four-phase rollout was to allow us to spread out the staff training and support. CPR is an extremely efficient and powerful forecasting tool with various algorithms. This is an enormous improvement and enables us to improve our customer service significantly.

“It was a big change for us. We redesigned almost all our business processes and we managed to do it without stopping the business for a single day. And we’ve still got huge potential ahead of us.”

13th September 2016

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