Ebsray to exhibit at World LP Gas Forum

Ebsray Pumps is to debut a new turbine pump for the LPG industry at the World LP Gas Forum & AEGPL Congress.

Ebsray, a Dover-owned company, will be showing its new RC40 Series Regenerative Turbine Pump in Booths H9/I9 at the event

The RC40 Series has been specifically designed for liquefied gas applications, including LPG, Autogas, DME, aerosols, industrial refrigerants and liquid CO2. The RC40 features increased flow rates and important new design enhancements.

Ebsray describe the RC40 as having: “Exceptional reliability, even under extremely low NPSH operating conditions and [it] possess the ability to handle entrained vapors without loss of efficiency or internal damage.

“The close-coupled flange design of the RC40 mounts to both 50 Hz and 60 Hz (NEMA and IEC) electric motors while the unique 3-ported design with two discharge ports provides installation flexibility for lower installed cost. In addition, the RC40 optimizes its class-leading performance and efficiency by using one motor size less than its leading competitors.”

Ebsray will also be featuring a wide variety of its other industry-leading regenerative turbine pumps at the show, including the RX33 model.

The company added: “The secret to the success of these pumps is the innovative impeller design, which optimizes hydraulic performance resulting in high differential pressures even at low flow rates, a critical consideration for Autogas applications. Offering a smooth, quiet operation and long pump life, Ebsray regenerative turbine pumps are ATEX-compliant and suitable for underground, above ground and submersible LPG- and Autogas-pumping applications.”

Also on display will be Ebsray RV18 Model Bypass Valve, which enables pumps to offer full pump flow while maintaining controlled preset maximum pressures. RV18 valves feature a Constant Bleed System (CBS), chatter-free quiet operation, adjustable pressure setting and Vapor Removal System (VRS).

Ebsray is a product brand within PSG, a Dover company. For more information on PSG, go to psgdover.com.

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