DRU Fires Supplementing Central Heating

Netherlands based manufacturer DRU has launched the first two models of its Agua series of gas fires with supplementary central heating capability. The Agua B100 is a built in gas fire and the Agua F100 is a freestanding gas stove. Both models use a powered flue system, have 9.2kW heat output, 95 per cent efficiency and are compatible with lpg and natural gas.

Agua fires can be used as a supplementary source of water heating, either by connection to a buffer tank or directly into a wet system. The fires are enclosed by a ‘water jacket’ or heat exchanger. Water enters the heat exchanger from the mains, is heated by convection from the fire chamber and then sent to a buffer tank.

This in turn can be used to top up a domestic boiler or directly fed into a wet central heating system. The net heat output of the fires is 3.6kW and the remainder of the capacity is then available for central heating and domestic water heating.

Contact Drugasar Ltd on 0161 793 8700 www.drufire.co.uk

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