DCC Creates Flogas Group

DCC Energy has announced the creation of the Flogas Group, which incorporates Flogas Britain, Flogas Ireland, Flogas Netherlands & Belgium (trading as Benegas) and Flogas Sweden & Norway.

Henry Cubbon, previously managing director of Flogas UK, has been appointed as managing director of the Flogas Group and Mark Plyte, previously financial director of Flogas UK, is now Flogas Group’s finance director. Lee Gannon, previously sales & marketing director of Flogas UK, has taken the position of managing director of Flogas Britain.

Henry Cubbon said: “Mark and I have been strongly involved with the development and expansion of DCC’s lpg business in Europe and look forward to driving and delivering high performance across our newly formed European hubs.”

Contact Flogas Britain on 0116 264 9000www.flogas.co.uk

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