Calor releases new guide on how FLT managers can easily reduce CO2 emissions

Calor has released a free, new guide for managers responsible for forklift truck (FLT) fleets, discussing the benefits of using LPG over alternative fuels such as diesel and electric, as well as the substantial CO2 improvements that can be achieved with BioLPG.

Available at, the guide outlines the pressures that are being felt across the transport, warehousing and logistics sector to reduce the environmental impact of operations across the supply chain. While policies such as the Renewable Energy Directive and Paris Agreement have set the green agenda, recent reports such as the Carbon Disclosure Project has raised concerns that while most organisations have plans in place to reduce CO2 emissions, these do not go far enough.

However, by switching to LPG or new BioLPG, FLT managers can cut the CO2 emissions of their fleets dramatically, while realising a range of other benefits such as improved operational efficiencies and cost savings.

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