Calor Gas Employs a Paragon

Calor Gas Ltd has implemented Paragon Software Systems’ Multi Depot routing and scheduling solution in each of its five areas delivering lp gas cylinders. Prior to implementing the system, each Calor depot planned its own transport operations independently. As empty lp gas cylinder collection needed to be included, the planning task was considered too complex for a manual system.

Calor now has five sites typically managing the transport operations of ten depots in their specific geographical regions. If a driver is ill or a vehicle is off the road at one depot, Paragon’s system can use a vehicle from another depot to handle the extra work, enabling Calor to reduce its fleet by 40 vehicles.

Dominic Halpin, Calor’s southeast area branch manager, said: “We are now able to distribute more lp gas with fewer vehicles, which not only reduces transport and logistics costs, but also our impact on the environment. The skill, knowledge and expertise of our dedicated Paragon support consultant played a large part in the successful implementation of the system.”

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