Budget 2017: Chancellor fails to introduce diesel scrappage scheme

The Chancellor has eschewed a chance to introduce a diesel scrappage scheme in today’s Budget or offer any incentives for LPG-powered vehicles.

Recent headlines had suggested some kind of scheme, or vouchers for conversions, would be introduced.

However, in his hour-long speech Philip Hammond didn’t mention diesel cars depsite the increased pressure by various campaign groups.

Air pollution, caused largely by diesel cars, emitting high levels of NO2 and particles is thought to attribute to 40,000 deaths in the UK every year.

Taxis have been introduced that run on LPG in Birmingham and this has been highlighted on BBC’s Inside Out.

Meanwhile, car manufacturer Fiat and Aygaz, a LPG distributor in Turkey, recently announced a long-term partnership aiming at increasing consumer choice for brand new LPG cars.

Under the Aygaz-Fiat joint campaign, Fiat announced that factory-approved LPG conversion is available for the whole range of its new vehicle models while for the first time in Turkey, Aygaz offers a full-insurance scheme that covers all fuel related issues.

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