APR Energy signs LPG turbine deal in US Virgin Islands

APR Energy, the Florida-based supplier of fast-track power solutions, has signed a contract to deliver 25MW of power to the US Virgin Islands.

The deal with the US Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority (WAPA) will feature the first ever mobile gas turbine commercially operated on LPG.

The project is the company’s sixth award in the past year using mobile gas turbines.

John Campion, APR Energy executive chairman, said: “This first-of-its-kind project will enable the USVI to leverage its significant investment in LPG infrastructure by greatly reducing the cost and environmental impact of power generation.

“Experts are forecasting a 15-percent increase in the price of diesel fuel during the next two years, while LPG prices are expected to remain stable. Using LPG should provide WAPA with significant savings compared with diesel-powered reciprocating engines, which are common in the Caribbean.”

Julio Rhymer, Sr, WAPA executive director and chief executive, added: “The switch to the lower-cost and cleaner-burning LPG as the primary source of fuel in generating electricity in the Virgin Islands has been the single biggest capital project WAPA has undertaken in recent history.

“We are excited about potentially providing lower rates for our customers and are pleased that with today’s contract signing APR Energy will be part of our energy solution in the Virgin Islands. For years now, WAPA has had a positive relationship with APR Energy, and we are pleased to work with them in becoming the world’s first electric utility to place an LPG-fired TM2500+ into commercial operation.”

Campion said he expected the project to serve as a model for other utilities looking to benefit quickly from LPG as an alternative, cheaper fuel source.

“Interest in LPG is growing in many markets around the world, especially in the Caribbean and parts of Africa and Asia, where availability of the fuel has expanded significantly in the last few years,” he added.

The new project supplements APR Energy’s existing 25MW diesel-fuelled turbine plant installed in 2012 for WAPA, bringing its total generation at the site to 50MW.

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