LP Gas Today 2016 Survey: we need your views

There is no doubt that 2016 has been a tumultuous year.

The reverberations of the political and socio- economic upheaval in the past 12 months are still filtering through to the UK LPG sector.

There have been changes here at LP Gas too, with the title going online only earlier this year and expanding its remit to the global sector.

As the year comes to a close we thought it would be the ideal opportunity to gauge reactions to the year here at home in the UK sector.

Martyn Leek, editor of LP Gas Today, said: “Although I am very new to the LP gas industry, it is very clear that this is a dynamic and changing sector. A recent conference illustrated to me how the UK LPG industry is not isolated from headwinds of abroad, particularly oversupply in the US and increased consumption elsewhere in the world like China.

“So, here at LP Gas Today we thought we would gauge the reaction of our readers to what the past 12 months has brought – and also ask what the UK sector thinks 2017 will also bring. I’d urge you all to complete the survey and thank you in advance.”

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LP Gas Today will publish the results of the survey in the New Year.

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