Japan to buy 100,000 tonnes of LPG

The Japanese government has revealed it will tender for up to 100,000 tonnes of LPG to boost its national stockpile.

A report on Reuters suggests it will make the purchase this autumn so that it has at least a 50-day stockpile.

The fuel will be stored in Kurashiki by the end of November.

It wants to reduce the impact from any supply disruptions in the Middle East, which it relies on for supplies of the fuel, commonly used in heaters or stoves.

Japan currently has a total of 1.35 million tonnes in five LPG stockpiling bases with a total capacity of 1.5 million tonnes.

The trade ministry’s Agency for Natural Resources and Energy has budgeted 4.84 billion yen ($42.7 million) for this fiscal year to buy 100,000 tonnes of LPG, according to Reuters.

Meanwhile, the trade ministry has approved lowering the commercial sector’s LPG reserve requirements to 40 days’ worth of the nation’s imports from 50 as state stocks are being increased.