Interoil to move Louisiana gas plant to Columbia

Interoil Colombia E&P has purchased a new gas plant which will be transferred from Louisiana to Columbia and used in the production of LPG.

In a statement on NASDAQ, the company said that next week the plant will be moved to Houston for inspection, commissioning and boxing prior to be shipped to Colombia.  The gas plant is expected to arrive at Mana Field around mid-November this year where the installation should take another five to six weeks.

This new facility will be streamed with rich gas from Mana and Toqui-Toqui (Hocol’s neighbouring field) aimed at producing a mixture of Liquefied Petroleum Gases (LPG) plus natural gasoline whilst leaving methane gas under commercial specification.

The company will then sell these products in the Colombian Market through injecting dry-gas into TGI, a major open access gas pipeline, and trucking LPG products to the nearby petrochemical end-users.

Leandro Carbone, chief executive at Interoil Colombia E&P, said: “We are very excited in having this gas treatment plant in Mana. It will allow the company to optimise synergies within the existing facilities, reduce opex and improve revenues by directly commercialise both LPG and dry gas products in the unbundling Colombian energy market.”