Aburi Composites publishes important product safety information

Aburi Composites wishes to inform customers that it has terminated all purchases of composite gas cylinders from Time Technoplast Ltd (TTL). This decision has been made, the company says, following discovery of several manufacturing defects on the composite LPG that have been supplied by TTL , tested and certified by TUV Rhineland.

This decision has been reached following observation of a number of defects in the composite cylinders. These include the use of metal screws in the cylinder construction as well as the use of plastic O-Rings to support the ultrasonic welding of both the top cover and bottom body casing in addition to the overall poor quality of the casing.

Aburi points out that the presence of metal screws and plastic O-Rings was not disclosed in the drawings submitted by manufacturers TTL to TUV Rhineland for certification. Morever, these methods of manufacture do not conform to the international guidelines for the composite cylinder.

Potential hazards that customers are advised to be aware of include: –

  • Cracking of the outer casing and handles
  • Loose ends
  • Potential danger to prospective users as the cylinder may detach from the handle and fall.

Customers discovering any of these defects should contact Aburi Composites as a matter of urgency. email:  info@aburicomposites.com

Aburi Composites has also stressed its commitment to safety and the satisfaction of all of its valued customers. Moving forward, the company says, further in-house checks are already in place and it will be supplying composite cylinders that are in strict compliance with international safety guidelines.

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