500 autogas stations approved for Sri Lanka

Beximco Petroleum has received the go ahead to build 500 autogas filling stations and 25 workshops across Sri Lanka.

The company has been given the green light from the country’s Energy and Mineral Resources Division, which says the l firm will have to apply to the division for its final approval after fulfilling the conditions within two years of primary approval.

The company may get an additional year to meet the criteria if it fails to do so within the stipulated time, according to the Dhaka Tribune.

The company will have to sign an agreement with Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation following clearance from the Department of Environment, Department of Explosives, Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission, Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution, and Fire Service and Civil Defence to establish and run LPG operators.

The other conditions include setting up LPG plants away from residential and densely populated areas so that public safety is not hampered, complying with the LP Gas Operational Licensing Policy, 2017 and LPG Bottling Plant Policy, 2016, building a 5,000-ton reserve tank, and ensuring safe transportation of gas by road tankers and vessels.

Akramuzzaman, deputy secretary to the Energy and Mineral Resources Division, said: “Though Beximco Petroleum Ltd was initially given the permission to build 500 autogas stations, but they are required to meet all the conditions and obtain a licence before launching their business.”

The news comes after Beximco Petroleum, the energy arm of the Bangladeshi conglomerate, announced plans to launch its own brand of Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) in 2017 and the company purchasing its own LPG carrier. (http://www.lpgas.today/bangladeshs-beximco-purchases-first-lpg-carrier/)